5th Grade WHITE Coach Beaudry

A. Beaudry
A. Beers
M. Garbisch
B. Lund
A. Nadelhoffer
M. Reichelt
B. Stern

Our 2018-19 roster

5th Grade RED Coach Feilbach

Coach Hesselman

S. Feilbach
H. Hesselman
K. Kratz
P. Leonard
A. Lorrigan
R. Miller
R. Schmallenberg
B. Wacker
S. Wolf
As a parent of a young athlete, you appreciate how dedicated coaching combined with a fun environment can make all the difference. We produce a youth sports experience that your child will talk about for years.

Each of our coaches understand the needs of the athlete, and they work diligently to prepare the girls to build their skills as an individual as well as a team. Your athlete will rave about their time when they spend it playing sports with Slinger Swish

6th Grade RED Coach Tennies

Coach Tennies

M. Ewig
I. Farvour
A. Hayes
L. Klenner
S. Reno
B. Schmoldt
A. Syring
b. Tennies
8th Grade Coach Rhodes

Coach Busalacchi

E. Alton
J. Breuer
A. Busalacchi
E. Cleary
G. Groeschel
M. Hoitink
K. Hughes
S. Longdin
J. Rhodes
R. Vetter
R. Vetter
E. Zagel

Congratulations to the teams and thank you to everyone who participated and volunteered for making the tournament such a success!

Thank you to Shrinking Buffalo Productions for taking photos!

7th Grade Coach Johnson

Coach Beaudry

K. Acker
A. Beaudry
M. DeLong
A. Fahrenholz
M. Johnson
C. Kirsch
A. Lietzau
K. Parker
A. Pearson
K. Pinter
A. Weiterman
K. Wolf
4th Grade Coach Poch

Coach Poch
E. Brohm
K. Burkel
A. Fryklund
A. Glaszcz
A. Greenhill
H. Lauer
K. Naber
K. Schultz
S. Strupp
K. Wiedmeyer
3rd Grade Coach Ourada

Coach Wiedmeyer
M. Beaudry
A. Beers
L. Grotenhuis
M. Karl
A. Kurth
A. Ourada
C. Pearson
E. Reichle
A. Roemer
E. Wiedmeyer
W. Witkowski
M. Zukowski
C. Zylka

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